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20/03/2017 27/11/2017 - AESKB System Leaves Bayswater Workshop

Following thorough testing, the AESKB (Australian Energy Storage Knowledge Base) Grid Stabilising Battery Energy Storage & Research System leaves PowerTec's Bayswater workshop. After full-load testing on SA Power Network's network in Thebarton/SA, it will eventually be deployed at Cape Jervis/Fleurieu Peninsula/SA. Thanks to the Uni of Adelaide and SA Power Networks for carrying out the project with us.

20/03/2017 20/10/2017 - Everybody Hertz

Teaming up at the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) A-Lab to work on Network Security and Reliability in a future NEM, dominated by renewables, and incentivising non-traditional generation sources to provide grid support with primary frequency control and synthetic inertia. Accurate understanding of the behaviour of various technologies and the NEM is a first step.

(ARENA Media Release)

20/03/2017 18/07/2017 - Clean Energy Industry Innovation Award

Thanks to AusNet and the Mooroolbark Mini Grid project team for working with PowerTec and leading network technology innovation - motivating to be jointly awarded the 2017 Clean Energy Innovation Award.

(See Media Release)

20/03/2017 20/03/2017 - EVN Visits Mooroolbark Mini Grid

EVN Central Power Corporation, the electricity distribution and retail company of central Vietnam, has visited AusNet Services' Mooroolbark Mini Grid site to learn more about the Mini Grid stabilisation solution. EVN CPC was interested in the capability of PowerTec's inverter/battery system (PowerCache®) to stabilise networks with high residential solar penetration. The delegation was travelling in Australia facilitated by AusTrade and Freestyle Technology, PowerTec's IoT system partner.

20/03/2017 10/03/2017 - Mooroolbark Mini Grid Successfully Seperated From Main Grid

AusNet Service's Mini Grid trial in the Melbourne suburb of Mooroolbark proves the viability of aggregating the power from home energy systems and a PowerCache® stabiliser to an independent electricity network. Recently, a first group of 8 homes, 6 with residential solar/battery system, were successfully separated from the grid, operated together as an isolated grid and re-integrated without interruption.
(AusNet Media Release) (One Step Off The Grid Article)

22/02/2017: The 18kVA/11kWh PowerCacheTM Mini Grid Stabiliser has been successfully energised and is live on AusNet Service's Mooroolbark Mini Grid Trial network segment. It provides voltage stabilisation, 3-phase/22 homes power and energy balancing, as well as isolated grid voltage reference services to the community, and will enable the participants to share residential solar energy.

18/07/2016: Power Technology Engineered Solutions has been awarded an order by AusNet Services to provide the Mini Grid Stabilisation System (Community level battery, inverter, on-grid/island transfer system and stabilisation control) for AusNet's Mooroolbark residential community Mini Grid project.

22/03/2016: The first project to implement PaDECS is the ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) funded project AESKB (Australian Energy Storage Knowledge Bank), led by the University of Adelaide. SA Power Networks plan to deploy later in 2016. PowerTec was selected as system integrator and teams with Freestyle as supplier of the control system.

11/02/2016: Freestyle Technology Pty Ltd (Freestyle) and Power Technology Engineered Solutions Pty Ltd (PowerTec) are collaborating to develop a Parallel Distributed Electrical Assets Control System (PaDECS).

PaDECS improves the stability, reliability of supply, and the economics of operating constrained or isolated power grid segments. Such segments typically include distributed generation, renewables, battery energy storage systems or demand control. The benefits are achieved using a network of intelligent devices controlling the power assets within the grid. The PaDECS solution is attractive where conventional approaches to power supply or grid enhancement are costly and where renewables are to be integrated.

Energy consumers can enjoy more reliable, stable supply. Electricity suppliers and grid operators can reduce capital investments required while increasing grid flexibility out to the furthest reaches. Easier and more efficient use of renewable energy sources will deliver environmental benefits.

The companies started collaborating in early 2015 and a formal agreement was finalised in December. Leveraging Freestyle's proven IoT (Internet of Things) platform and PowerTec's distributed power systems monitoring and control experience, the PaDECS project will deliver greater flexibility using new or existing infrastructure.

One of the first projects to implement PaDECS is the ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) funded project AESKB (Australian Energy Storage Knowledge Bank), led by the University of Adelaide. SA Power Networks plan to deploy later in 2016. PowerTec currently provides project engineering. Freestyle teamed with PowerTec are preferred suppliers for the control system.

10/10/2014: Power Technology Engineered Solutions has been engaged to follow-through with the realisation of Laing O'Rourke's re-deployable solar-diesel hybrid power plant at the APLNG construction camp in Combabula/QLD. PTES works in an Owner's Engineer role for the Control Systems Integration and aspects of the solar electrical system.

13/08/2014: Power Technology Engineered Solutions has had the opportunity to support its client Laing O'Rourke with the feasibility study and basic electrical integration & control design for its fully re-deployable large-scale solar-diesel hybrid power plant. The project has recently received ARENA funding (ARENA backs "world first" mobile solar-diesel plant).

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