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Power Technology Engineered Solutions Pty Ltd is a system integrator, control system supplier and engineered solution provider in distributed power generation, grid battery energy storage, renewable energy grid integration and critical power.
We conduct studies, and design, construct & commission systems. Our inverter/battery energy storage product series PowerCacheTM and "Parallel Distributed Energy Resources Control System" PaDECS® offer effective solutions to the stability challenges of evolving electricity distribution networks and Microgrids and allow for stable and economic integration of renewables, distributed generation and demand response. PaDECS is based on a lightweight, highly scalable Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform for distributed control of both, utility assets and residential energy systems.

Applying innovative, yet proven, design and functionality to hybrid power stations and microgrids, we provide systems, services and end-to-end solutions. These are applied to distribution network assets, renewable power generators and distributed energy systems for commercial, industrial, utility as well as residential community sites. We work with combined system ratings of 10kVA and multiple 10MVA.

Power Technology Engineered Solutions’ capabilities in Grid Energy Storage Systems, as well as Distributed Power Asset and Microgrid Control are based on multiple reference projects, delivering key Australian Microgrid and Li-Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems.

As a flexible, family-owned company, PowerTec works collaboratively with its clients and partners.


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